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Elhanan Winchester's most influential book on kindle

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Great new website for post-supersessionist NT Studies

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The Sacrifice of Jesus

"Back to the Start"—good cover; great video

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UK edition of "All Shall Be Well" has release date and RRP

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Exorcism book out now!

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"All Shall Be Well" on Kindle

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"The Evangelical Universalist" on Kindle

On Christian Hypocrisy

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"Lamentations and the Poetic Politics of Prayer"

Die, Heretic Scum!

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Alvin Plantinga on evil (pt. 2)

Alvin Plantinga on evil (pt. 1)

Alvin Plantinga on the afterlife

"How Shall I Sing That Majesty" by John Mason

Existential Star Wars (in French with subtitles)

Virtual Choir—Stunning!

Flipping YES!

Reconciliation in the Holy Land — conference in Coventry

The Madness of Saint Paul

Guest post from C. H. Spurgeon. No pity for the damned. :-(

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Hope in Darkness

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William Blake, "The Reunion of the Soul and the Body at the resurrection" (1808)

"God has a very big body": Discuss

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Mrs Moses

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F****** You!

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Bell's Hells: Seven Myths about Universalism

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Did ancient Judaism have the concept of a heavenly temple?

War is wrong

Phobias Workshop

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