Thought for the Day from Karl Barth

“The activity of the community is related to the gospel only in so far as it is no more than a crater formed by the explosion of a shell and seeks to be no more than a void in which the gospel reveals itself”

Karl Barth, The Epistle to the Romans (second edition), p. 36.


Vicki said…
Hi Robin! This is not a comment re the blog post per se, but because i'm not sure how else to reach you! I have your book The Evangelical Universalist along with several others, as I am desiring with all of my heart to know, at a heart level - that all will be well - esp since the sudden death of my mom 3 years ago. I have been an 'evangelical' christian and believe with all of my heart that Jesus reveals the fullness of God. The only thing for me that brings real and lasting Hope - is christian universalism. But some passages that I come across as I try to get closer to Jesus thru scripture frighten me a great deal. For recent example, i was recently very joyous to read Eph 1:10.... that is, until I read Eph 1: 13,14. I was delighted to read John 3:17, until I read John 3:18. I long to simply come to know more the love of God, without going down these worrisome rabbit trails, but I also want to be intellectually honest when i come across these verses and try to understand how they co-exist with a greater hope. Can you help me???? thank you so much. you can simply write me at thank you!!!

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