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Schleiermacher and universalism

"[F] or although Christians are still empowered and called to a special love of brothers and sisters among themselves, we indeed know most certainly—the power of redemption being universal—that between our brothers and sisters in Christ and those who are simply brothers and sisters in our common human frailty we make no other distinction than this, namely, that the former already participate in their salvation and that the others are nevertheless yet to attain it."   Friedrich Schleiermacher, "Passion Sermon." April 8, 1821. In Jesus' Life in Dying , trans. Nicol and Jorgenson.  (My thanks to Jeremy Funk for pointing me to this quotation.) For more on Schleiermacher and universalism see Robin Parry, with Ilaria Ramelli, A Larger Hope? Universal Salvation from the Reformation to the Nineteenth Century (Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2019), 174–83.

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