Gospel of Relentless Love Conference

Peter Hiett has alerted me to a conference that the folk at The Sanctuary in Denver, CO are running. They are good people.

The Gospel of Relentless Love Conference

October 4–6 2019


  • Wm. Paul Young (author of The Shack
  • Steve McVey (author and Bible teacher)
  • Peter Hiett (pastor, preacher, author)
  • David Bentley Hart (philosopher, theologian, author)—via a video interview 
 The conference celebrates Jesus in light of two ideas: First, that the Bible is invaluable, telling us the truth about God and God's plan. Second, that the Lord will "reconcile to himself all things . . . making peace through his blood shed on the cross" (Col 1:20).

You can find out more at the conference website here.


Anonymous said…
The conference is especially high, as in cost. I assume this isn't an outreach but solely a vanity conference. I am hoping in the future those who plan such events take into account a price that fits all budgets . Example: Option one A one day ticket @ a lower price, rather than pay for all three days at $210.00.

For such an inclusive message it is an in essence an "exclusive" conference.

Hello Robin! I am a trinitarian universalist from Ukraine. I'm sorry to trouble you, can I try to take on the translation of your book "The Evangelical Universalist" into Russian in order to distribute it among the Russian-speaking Christian community? How to do this best, so as not to conflict with copyright law? Thanks.

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