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Old Testament Cosmology—Paul Seely

Calvinistic Cartoons

The Manslator: I want one

Could a universalist believe in hell as "eternal conscious suffering"?

Baby Preacher

Gregory MacDonald—Foreword to Robinson, "In the End, God..."

Chris Tilling—He like it!

And on the topic of pets . . .

"For I will consider my cat, Jeffry" (18th C Christian cat poem)

God and Government (SPCK)

The Maccabeats! Candle (a Chanukah song). Groovy!

Time to stop using language of "church"?


Radom thought on Wayne Grudem's view of Prophets

John Walton on Genesis 1


Your sins will find you out

Narnia Code Conference in Oxford

Little Town of Bethlehem (movie trailer)

Reading Lamentations (extract from commentary)

Lamentations Commentary (extract from opening, 1)

Illustrated Guide to PhDs: The sober truth


Gungor, "God is not a white man": LOVE IT!

"In the End, God..." New special edition coming (very) soon

"With friends like this ..." (When defending God is wrong)


Conference on Evangelicalism and Universalism

Talking God by Jonathan Chaplin

The Truth Hurts

The Burning Bush—awesome

New movie about the life of Hildegard von Bingen

Job on friendship (Job 6:14–21)

The Narnia Code by Michael Ward (one to watch out for)

"All Shall Be Well" - cover and blurb

A nibble from my new Lamentations commentary

Martin Luther rap

Richard of St Victor on the Spirit's work in humanity

Richard of St Victor on male Trinity-talk

Lamentations commentary is now available

Bruce Cockburn: "Burden of the Angel/Beast"

Pascal on the Paradox of Humanity

Question on Psalm 8

Random thought on authorship of texts like 1 Enoch

"All Shall Be Well" edited by Gregory MacDonald

Biblical Inerrancy—A Shibboleth

Ye Olde Joke

Getty Hymn - By Faith

Witch Trials

Sidney Harris cartoon

Wisdom from Augustine

John Webster on Divine Freedom and Creation

The Life of a Galilean Shaman, by Pieter F. Craffert