Chris Tilling—He like it!

Here is what Chris Tilling has written as an endorsement for the special edition (60th anniversary) of John A. T. Robinson's classic, "In the end, God . . ."

“I am excited to see this new edition of Bishop John Robinson's In the End, God . . . Many evangelicals will benefit from Robinson as he grapples with questions about appropriate foundations and the role of scripture, as well as his concern to both take the reality of hell seriously and to contest sentimental understandings of God's love. Those of us who remain undecided about Universalism or who prefer to simply hope the universalists are right, will also be challenged by his insistence to put together a theological system that is a 'best fit' to the facts of revelation and Christ's accomplished work. Contemporary scholars engaged in 'theological exegesis' will also find much worthy of consideration given Robinson's intelligent and theological alert handling of scripture. While some details of his argument are dated, and other aspects remain highly debatable, it is arguably with the benefit of hindsight that the best of Robinson's arguments can be appreciated. This new edition also has a number of added features, such as Trevor Hart's insightful introduction, new subheadings, and three appendices.”
—Chris Tilling
New Testament Tutor
St Mellitus College & St Paul's Theological Centre


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