"All Shall Be Well" - cover and blurb

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”
Lady Julian of Norwich

Universalism runs like a slender thread through the history of Christian theology. It has always been a minority report and has often been regarded as heresy, but it has proven to be a surprisingly resilient “idea.” Over the centuries Christian universalism, in one form or another, has been reinvented time and time again.

In this book an international team of scholars explore the diverse universalisms of Christian thinkers from the Origen to Moltmann. In the introduction Gregory MacDonald argues that theologies of universal salvation occupy a space between heresy and dogma. Therefore disagreements about whether all will be saved should not be thought of as debates between “the orthodox” and “heretics” but rather as “in-house” debates between Christians.

The studies that follow aim, in the first instance, to hear, understand, and explain the eschatological claims of a range of Christians from the third to the twenty-first centuries. They also offer some constructive, critical engagement with those claims.

• Origen (Tom Greggs)
• Gregory of Nyssa (Steve Harmon)
• Julian of Norwich (Robert Sweetman)
• The Cambridge Platonists (Louise Hickman)
• James Relly (Wayne K. Clymer)
• Elhanan Winchester (Robin Parry)
• Friedrich Schliermacher (Murray Rae)
• Thomas Erskine (Don Horrocks)
• George MacDonald (Thomas Talbott)
• P. T. Forsyth (Jason Goroncy)
• Sergius Bulgakov (Paul Gavrilyuk)
• Karl Barth (Oliver Crisp)
• Jaques Ellul (Andrew Goddard)
• J. A. T. Robinson (Trevor Hart)
• Hans Urs von Balthasar (Edward T. Oakes, SJ)
• John Hick (Lindsay Hall)
• Jürgen Moltmann (Nik Ansell)


Steve said…
Are we still looking at a November release? Looking forward to it!
Steve Walton said…
When will this be out, Robin? I've a student doing an MA dissertation who will want to engage with it.
Robin Parry said…
We are aiming at AAR (early Nov). Currently we are on-track for that.
TN said…
Still waiting for Amazon to send Lamentations! Now this teaser is well on its way. How can we keep up?
Kurt said…
looking forward to it.
James Goetz said…
I like the cover. I suppose that biblical imagery of hell left your cover designer with options such as somebody escaping "the lake of fire" or "utter darkness." The choice of the lost going from utter darkness to light makes good graphics.
James Goetz said…
Robin, I have a question. Why use quotes for the book title? Are you declaring "All shall be well" or do the quotes mean something else?
Robin Parry said…

the title is a quote from Lady Julian of Norwich—hence the quote marks.


Keith DeRose said…
I guess I should just read the chapter on Julian,... but I can't do that yet!

So, I wonder: Does her inclusion (and the taking of the title from her) imply that she was a universalist?

I haven't really studied the matter. My understanding of her thought is just based on my own read-through of a modernized version of her Revelations (which I love). But I wouldn't have classified her as a universalist. *Maybe* as someone open to universalism. Certainly as someone whose thought has aspects that in some ways point toward the view. Much seemed to me to come down to how to understand the second half of Chapter 32. She seemed to be resolved to hanging on to the teaching of the faith that many will be damned to eternal hell, but at the same time taking it on faith that, despite that, somehow, all shall be well.
James Goetz said…
oh, yes, the first line of this post, silly me.:)
Alex Smith said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex Smith said…
Would it benefit you in anyway to order books from you? i.e. I assume Amazon gets commission? Or do you prefer to just let Cascade Books handle all that? (thinking of getting a box full of "The Evangelical Universalist" to give to friends, family & church)

What EU book are you working on next? :)
Robin Parry said…

easiest to order from W&S.

I have no plans for any other universalist books (though I am not against doing another in principle).

I think my next book will be a travel guide to the biblical cosmos

Robin Parry said…

Ahhhh! Well, it would be spoiling things if I gave the game away on Lady Julian! You'll have to read the chapter (which is very good).



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