Conference on Evangelicalism and Universalism

Hmmmm. This one looks interesting. I think I might attend.


Terry Wright said…
I do hope so. It looks right up your street.
TN said…
Too bad Gregory MacDonald isn't one of the speakers. Has anyone found out who he really is?
Alex Smith said…
I'm glad to see the topic is slowly becoming more out in the open. I hope it's well publicized and attended, given there's plenty of advanced notice.

All the best with your preparation for the talk, I hope they give you a fair go and actually listen to what you're saying without having pre-conceived condemnation!

May I ask who's idea was it to do the talk and why?
Alex Smith said…
Also do you know if it will or could be recorded (preferably video and audio), as I'd love to get permission to put it up on a forum I'm apart of: or even YouTube??
Robin Parry said…

The idea came from Spurgeon's College and they will give a fair and respectful hearing.

re: recordings. I have no idea. Terry is the man to ask (see above)

James Goetz said…
This sounds awesome. I'd come if my budget allowed me to travel from New York.:) Terry, if there's anyway that you could record this, please do.
Anonymous said…
Terry said he may do an MP3 which would be GR8!

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