Read More Barth

This was slightly funny (and the thing with Barth is that there is always more to read)


Anonymous said…
Considering the confusion that he and his followers created, it should say "Read Less Barth!" --JD
Robin Parry said…

Confusion? Did you have something specific in mind?

Personally, I find that I have a love-hate relationship with Barth. It is intelligent, radical, passionate, deep . . . and yet I often find myself think, "But is he right?" (for instance, I was never persuaded that the analogia entis is as dangerous as Barth says.)

But he is one of the greatest theologians in the history of the church. Very Trinitarian and passionate about being biblical. So christocentric and uncompromising.

So I was wondering what wories you about Barth?

TN said…
Funny (strange) badge !
Apart from the alliteration involved between BArTh and BAsTards, is there any other play on the words? -- eg is bastard a German / Swiss word for something else ??

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