The Baptist Universalist (Elhanan Winchester)

So I doing a talk in Oxford entitled

"The Baptist Universalist: Elhanan Winchester (1751–97)"

at the Third Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Saturday Day Conference,

Regent’s Park College, Oxford

from 10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. (I am lecturing from 11:15am to 12:15pm with 30 mins questions from 12:15pm to 12:45pm)

on Saturday 29 October 2011.

There is also a talk from Rev. Dr. Timothy B. Welch entitled "‘'Dynamics vs Mechanics': Baptists and Revival during the EarlyTwentieth Century’"

It's free and anyone is welcome. Just contact Anthony Cross if you'd like to come

Rev. Dr Anthony R. Cross,
Director of the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage,
Regent’s Park College,
Pusey Street,
OX1 2LB.
College Main Office: 01865 – 288120


James Goetz said…
I wish that I could fly and see your talk. :)
Alex Smith said…
Me too!

Will it be videoed & audio recorded?
Steven Rowe said…
I've always been interested in Winchester, I spent most of my life about 15 miles from where he lived in rural SC, and have gone down to the cemetery, where in now unmarked graves, he has spouses buried. Went to North Oxford, Ma - and saw the exterior of the church where he ordained Hosea Ballou (with the "written Jehovah"!
Robin Parry said…

That's great. I'd love to visit Welsh Neck.

I did get very confused when I first read the Baptist Church minutes.

May 4 1777 Sarah Winchester is baptized
July 3 1777 Sarah Winchester dies


March 15 1778 Sarah Winchester is baptized
April 5 1778 Sarah Winchester is listed as a member
23 Jan 1779 Sarah Winchester dies.

...until it twigged that these were not the same Sarah Winchester. The first was Saah Peck of Reheboth, MS, while the second was Sarah Luke of South Carolina.

I'd love to spen a few months researching Winchester in the USA. But, alas, it ain't gonna happen.

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