Audio File of talk by Robin Parry on Christian Universalism

A few months back I did a talk at a Pioneer church in Stourbridge (Chawn Hill Church) on the topic of Christian Universalism.

Anyway, I just discovered that the talks are available online so, if you wanted to listen, check it out.

Going Deeper: Universalism, Part 1 (talk thingy)
Going Deeper: Universalism, Part 2 (Questions and 'Answers')

As a rule I do not listen to recordings of my talks but I did listen to five or ten minutes of this one. There is a strange Somerset accent thingy going on in places. What is that about?


Rev Drew Tweedy said…
Thanks for posting these talks Robin. Very clear and helpful. When somebody asked the Q about "why doesn't God save everybody in this life, why wait until hell?" - I wondered if 1 Corinthians 13 might be any help, especially 13.12-13. Its not that anybody will be forced or tortured into post-mortem belief, its that when we see ourselves as we really are and God as God really is, we won't be able to help but choose life. What do you think?
Alex Smith said…
Thanks Robin :)

Good comment Andrew.
Anonymous said…
aarrrh aarrrhhhh, you're right about the Somerset accent thingy !

Is it when the recording speed fluctuates a little -- either during the recording or the playback.

Or can that not happen with modern equipment ??

Oh, and the content is excellent.
Thanks for sharing it with a wider audience.
Alex Smith said…
As soon as I get a chance, I'll use Audacity to go through and try to clean up the audio. e.g. increase volume of audience questions, remove dropping mic, etc. Sorry I can't fix the accent though ;) I'll post a link when I'm done.
Robin Parry said…
Alas, the accent was me. Every now and then a word will come out in a Liverpool accent or a Scottish accent or a Somerset accent. I put it down to learning Hebrew. :-)
Anonymous said…
tov meod !

(very good!)
Denver said…
Robin, I thoroughly enjoyed these recordings. I love your commitment to scripture and a Christ/cross-centered theology. I really feel that you've helped me believe that universalism is truly a respectable view as a Christian. I plan on sharing these recordings with others. It's also a great summary of your book for someone not quite ready to tackle it.
I was also impressed that this church treated you with, what appeared to me as, sincere respect. In contrast to people's attitudes towards Rob Bell, it was refreshing that a groups of believers would interact with you in an honorable manner.
Robin Parry said…
Thanks Denver, it is kind of you to say so.
Alex Smith said…
Thank you again to Chawn Hill Church for inviting Robin, recording the talks and making them publicly available!

I spent a few hours cleaning up the audio on this talk as best I could (some audience questions still hard to hear but you can guess what they were from Robin's answers). I think it was well worth it, as it's an excellent 45min talk :)

Robin Parry's 2010 audio talks on Christian Universalism

The link above also has the talk outline.

Now to go through the Q&A session...
Nami said…
Dear Robin

Just was trying to find a Christian Universalist church near Worcester in UK and your name came up. Do you know of any? I'd like to get more into my beliefs but am concerned that any church/cause I join will shove Hell down my throat again!
Robin Parry said…

I don't know any universalist churches anywhere (though I am sure they exist). There are none in Worcester.

However, I would not worry. Few churches in Worcester would "shove hell down your throat." I think you'd be comfortable in a fair few of them.

It depends what style of church you feel most at home in, really.

Sorry not to be of more help.


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