Yeah—My new Lamentations book is out!!!

After years in the pipeline the Parry-Thomas collaboration has come to fruitition. It is a book about Jewish and Christian use of Lamentations as Sacred Scripture. Here is the table of contents:

Introduction—Robin A. Parry and Heath A. Thomas /

1. “Holy Scripture” and Hermeneutics: Lamentations in Critical and Theological Reflection—Heath A. Thomas /

2. Outrageous Demonstrations of Grace: The Theology of Lamentations—Paul R. House /

Soundings in Jewish Reception History
A. Lamentations in Isaiah 40–55—Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer /
B. The Character and Significance of LXX Lamentations—Kevin J. Youngblood /
C. Targum Lamentations—Christian M. M. Brady /
D. Lamentations Rabbati—Jacob Neusner /
E. Introduction to Rashi’s Commentary on Lamentations—Mayer I. Gruber /
F. Lamentations in Jewish Liturgy—Elsie R. Stern / 09
G. Lamentations in Modern Jewish Thought—Zachary Braiterman /

Soundings in Messianic Jewish Reception History
H. Holocaust Theology in the Light of Yeshua? Messianic Jewish Reception of Eikah—Richard Harvey /

Soundings in Christian Reception History
I. Lamentations in the Patristic Period—Heath A. Thomas /
J. Christian Interpretation of Lamentations in the Middle Ages—David S. Hogg /
K. John Calvin’s Interpretation of Lamentations—Pete Wilcox /
L. Lamentations for the Lord: Great and Holy Friday in the Greek Orthodox Church—Eugenia Scarvelis Constantinou / 15
M. Lamentations and Christian Worship—Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ /

Soundings in Artistic and Contemporary Reception
N. Musical Responses to Lamentations—F. Jane Schopf /
O. Lamentations in Rembrandt van Rijn: “Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem”—Heath A. Thomas /
P. Psychological Approaches to Lamentations—Paul M. Joyce /
Q. Feminist Interpretation(s) of Lamentations—Heath A. Thomas /

3. Wrestling with Lamentations in Christian Worship—Robin A. Parry /

4. Confession and Complaint: Christian Pastoral Reflections on Lamentations—Ian Stackhouse /

Appendix 1. A Translation of LXX Lamentations—Kevin J. Youngblood /
Appendix 2. A Translation of Targum Lamentations—Christian M. M. Brady /
Appendix 3. Lamentations Rabbati on Lamentations 3:1–21—Jacob Neusner /
Appendix 4. Rashi on Lamentations 3:1–21 /
Appendix 5. Calvin on Lamentations 3:1–23 /

“The question mark in this title points to the fact that sadness, loss, and grief are now the order of the day in Western culture. For that
reason the book of Lamentations now draws great attention and energy among us. This book, with its long historical sweep of interpretations
and its broad ecumenical reach in rereading Lamentations, is sure to become a point of reference for our continuing response to the question. The question of the title requires endless, continuing engagement among us. These pages provide guides and models for continuing answering.”
—Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

“The essays in Great is Thy Faithfulness? focus upon one question: How is Lamentations a word of God? Responses are deep, rich, and
many. They draw from interpretations, contemporary and ancient, Jewish and Christian, and from the arts, pastoral care, and liturgical usage. They reveal how Lamentations has been and can be embraced by believers. For pastors and classrooms, this book promises to stir up conversation, questions, and faith.”
—Kathleen M. O’Connor, Columbia Theological Seminary


Jason Goroncy said…
Congratulations Robin. Looks fantastic.
David Reimer said…
Looks sweet! (If one can say that about a book devoted to Lamentations...).

Must book a chat with some review editor........ ;)
Tom Nicholson said…
Congrats Robin -- if you're not careful, future lectionaries will have lots more readings from Lamentations !!
Alex Smith said…
Good work Robin, just in time for Christmas :-D
Jon Hughes said…

I've got it already, and am slowly reading through Lamentations itself before delving into your commentary.

It's a fascinating book for the perspective of universalism!

God bless.
Jon Hughes said…
Sorry, just realised that it's a different book on Lamentations. Looks excellent!

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