How Diferent Christian Denominations See Each Other



James Goetz said…
Very funny.:)

Does anybody know who is the "Mailine Liberal" as seen by the "Reformed"? I am guessing some philosopher, but am unsure who.
Jon Hughes said…
I don't know, but I've met a few brothers who remind me of the man three to the right of him :)
James Goetz said…
Hey, watch it, I am a charismatic Christian. :)
Robin Parry said…

a charismatic Christian without a nose by the looks of it


James Goetz said…
Well, I try to hide my broken nose :~)
James Goetz said…
I emailed
Hi, I appreciate your comics. I have a question about "Tom's Doubts #15." Whose photo is the "Mainline Liberal" seen by "Reformed"?

Pastor Saji replied:
Hey James,

That's Karl Marx
Anonymous said…
I too enjoyed this "chart"!

What a wonderful picture we get if we follow the pictures from top left diagonally down to bottom right.

BUT -- can anyone help me with
Evangelical as seen by Catholic
(top, 4th from left).

I don't get it. What exactly is the perception being represented here??
Robin Parry said…
It's a dog's dinner (i.e., a mess)
Anonymous said…
Right !

(no wonder I'm no good at these criptic crossword kind of things)

Unknown said…
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