Second Edition of "The Evangelical Universalist" (2012)

I have been asked to prepare a second edition of The Evangelical Universalist. It'll be out in late 2012.

For those of you interested in what I am thinking of adding, here you go:

1. A new (and quite long) preface explaining some of the stuff that I could not explain in the first edition because of my anonymity. Also talking about some of the developments in my thinking since I wrote the book.

2. A study guide (at the publisher's request)

3. An appendix with my take on Rob Bell's book (at the publisher's request)

4. An appendix (fairly long) with my responses to the best criticisms I have found to the first edition

5. A Scripture index

(6. Perhaps something on the Trinity and universalism)

I do have quite strict limits on how much I am allowed to add so I can't do everything.

If I have missed something obvious please do let me know.


Terry Wright said…
Will the author still be 'Gregory MacDonald'?
Robin Parry said…
Yes. Too confusing otherwise
Jon Hughes said…

Just keep reiterating the point that it is exegetically and theologically viable - not to mention desirable! There are no *more* problem passages for it than for Calvinism or Arminianism. Well done for doing it.

I don't know whether you've come across James Hamilton's book, "God's Glory In Salvation Through Judgment"? It seems to me that such an approach to redemptive history would fit well with Universalism, if taken to its logical (ultimate) conclusion.
Tom Nicholson said…
Dear Robin,

What a wonderful surprise!

Looking forward to TEU 2.0

John Lyons said…

Will it give too much away to ask if your response to Rob Bell will be a positive one or not?
Alex Smith said…
One of the suggestions on the forum was a "Further Reading" page, especially as there's a growing number of books on the topic, it can be hard to know which are worth reading.
James Goetz said…
Robin, Thank you for coming out for the encore :-)
Peter Gurry said…
A scripture index--much needed!
Robin Parry said…

I have seen Jim Hamilton's book and it does look good. He's certainly not a universalist but I do like the look of his approach so I'll try to pick up a copy.

Robin Parry said…

I have decided to absorb my reflections on Bell into the new preface. They'll be gently and constructively critical. I like Bell and I have some nice things to say about him but I also have an objection or two.

Tom van Dijk said…
I agree with scripture index!

Also, I do think you could emphasize more what "aionios" means. There are some great books on that subject.

You could emphasize: "what really is the biblical basis for eternal hell", which is ONLY those few occurences of aionios/aion.

You could put more emphasis on how the character of God as a just God is stronger in universalism.

Just some things. There could be more things. I'm writing a whole book on the subject myself, in Dutch (because there is no good book in Dutch, apart from a translation of Talbott and the book of Bonda of course), and I'm following a rather different route than you do I think.

If you want more detailed comments, I could do a reread in the near future and make notes... I'm using the SPCK edition.
Tom van Dijk said…
Also, if you're going to do something on "trinity and universalism" I'm not sure what you would say, but it might "scare away" people.
On the other hand, if you're going to discuss stuff, discuss "The Deliverance of God - an apocalyptic rereading of justification in Paul" by D. Campbell.
Tom van Dijk said…
Perhaps you could use "The Hebrew Concept of Time" by Ronnie Littlejohn. You can google it.
Keen Reader said…
I'm wondering about the "strict limits" to what you can add. Why would it make a difference, say, between 250 pages and 300 pages if you have important things to say that justify the latter? The additional printing cost would be extremely minimal.

And, yes, please include a Further Reading -- preferably annotated with your comments.

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