The Best Wedding Entrance Ever

This is so amazingly fantastic!
I have watched it about ten times now.
Thanks to Chris Tilling for pointing me to it.


Chris Spinks said…
Only to be rivaled by The Office version (
Robin Parry said…

the UK version had no wedding. Interesting. AHHHH - we cannot watch the clip in the UK. Grrrr

I am just unable to enjoy this video. The wedding is supposed to be bringing glory to God and a picture of Christ and His bride, the church.

Were these people glorifying God or glorifying self? It is made obvious by their appearance on television and the answers they give during thier interviews that the latter is true.
Gavin said…
Great video!

Good to see people enjoying life together.

And I could easily see Jesus joining in the fun. :)
Robin Parry said…

I guess we see with different eyes. What I see is a fun, joyful celebration of love and marriage. It was done to focus attention on the entrance of the bride but that is no different from more traditional weddings.

In fact, I thought it was a great picture of Jesus and the church. I had not thought of it like that but your reminder made me watch it again from a fresh angle. YES! I like that way of watching the clip. Thanks.

The interview that I watched with them did not suggest to me that they were self-promoting. I am surprised that you saw it that way. Perhaps you watched a different interview.


Keith DeRose said…
Richard Beck has some interesting thoughts about these weddings at his "Experimental Theology" blog, here:
Robin Parry said…

Thanks - those reflections from Richard Beck were spot on!

Hope philosophy at Yale is still fun!


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