Restoring Faith in Evangelical Generosity

Well I am still waiting for the fierce backlash against me since declaring my views on universalism. Of course, there is controversy about it (as will become clear over the next few weeks) but that is not the same as hostiity. In fact, I have been treated very generously and openly by evangelicals of all stripes - from those who believe in Hell as eternal torment, through those who see Hell as annihilation, to fellow universalists. I have even had evangelicals of all those views defend my evangelicality (if such a word there be). Many eyebrows have been raised (along with many questions) but I have been encouraged by the sheer number of people who have taken the time to listen in order to understand and, upon understanding, have said, "Well, it is not where I am at but this is a family disagreement." It has really pleasantly surprised me just how open evangelicals are to a theological view that on the surface seems very unevangelical. (Of course, if I had not been able to show that it was evangelical-compatible they would not have been so tolerant and rightly so.

So I want to thank all those warm hearted Christians who have not cast me out into outer darkness but have embraced me as a brother.

Evangelicals are more 'open minded' than their critics often give them credit. I think that's good (though I am a tad biased here)


Anonymous said…
Robin, I wonder what your cryptic comment about things becoming clearer over the next few weeks amounts to?
Dwayne said…

As Oliver inquired, would love to hear what danger awaits. Are people secretly conspiring against you to remove you from your position at Paternoster?
Robin Parry said…
Oliver and Dwayne

fear not - nobody is conspiring to force me out of Paternoster (at least, I am not aware of anyone who is).


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