"The Biblical Cosmos" video promo

My youngest daughter Jess has very kindly created a short video promo for my latest book, The Biblical Cosmos. Thanks to Ellison for doing the voiceover.

The book is available from Wipf and Stock (for $21.60) or Amazon.com ($23.44)/Amazon.co.uk (£13.22) or anywhere worthy.


You can read a free sample of it here.


Keen Reader said…
My problem with Wipf & Stock books is that they are almost all slim paperbacks and very expensive relative to their competition. In Canada anyway.

I ordered a copy of this title from my local Christian bookstore but ended up not buying it because the store had to price it so high to make it worth their while selling it. I forget what the price was, but it was around $35. They discount 20% on all regular priced books but that's still too much for a slim paperback.
Keen Reader said…
Another problem with Wipf & Stock publications is that they tend to be chock-full of spelling and grammar errors.

For example, my wife is currently reading 'My God, My God' by Michael Jensen. She says it's a very good book indeed, but that "There is a spelling or grammar error on almost every page." This is holding up her reading of the book -- having to continually pause and figure out what is actually being stated -- and thus marring her enjoyment of it.

Wipf & Stock need to do proofreading before publishing their manuscripts.
Robin Parry said…
Keen Reader,

Amazon.ca is selling the book for $24.80 (Canadian). That is not expensive at all for this kind of book. I would suggest that you go there.

I do need to correct some factual errors in your comments:

I have worked in the theological book trade for over thirteen years now and I can assure you that W&S books are actually at the cheaper end of their competition, even if they are not the cheapest. W&S prices are on a par with Eerdmans, WJKP, Abingdon, etc. And they are considerably cheaper than much of their competition (e.g., Brill, Ashgate, de Gruyter, the university presses, etc.).

I suspect that the books that you are comparing it to as "competition" are more mainstream semi-pop books from mass market Christian publishers. It is true that W&S cannot compete for prices on some of those titles, but most of them are not direct competition. They are aimed at a much wider audience. I can explain in boring detail the economics of why this is the case, but I think I will spare you the pain. :-)

It is also incorrect to say that the books are all slim paperbacks. They range from slim paperbacks all the way up to massive 800 page monsters. I would guess that the average book length is something around 250 pages. Not so slim.

Re: proof reading. I am sorry that the book you mention has a lot of typos. I do not understand that because the book was actually proof read by the author and his editor and also by a professional proof reader. I can only say that typos do get through the net (if you have ever written anything you will know how easy it is to miss them) but that in my experience reading Cascade Books—and I have read hundreds—they are few and far between. I do find them, even in my own work, but it sounds to me like the book you reference is more of an anomaly than typical. I apologize for that, but I can assure you that all Cascade Books go through three layers of careful checking before publication. The system sometimes misses things and is not perfect but I can assure you that it is not as broken as you imagine.

Hope that helps.
This comment is entirely misplaced, but I am reading the Evangelical Universalist currently, and I'm wondering where I can write you a word of thanks.
Robin Parry said…

That is kind. My email is robin.parry@yahoo.co.uk

Unknown said…
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