Sad reflection on Brad Gregory's new book

So, I have been reading more of the Brad Gregory book, The Unintended Reformation. Oh, it is simultaneously enlightening, fascinating, and depressing.

It makes you wonder what may have happened had the Reformation been a "reformation" of the church rather than a schism (followed by a splintering into a million Protestant pieces) within the church.

But it is hard to see how Humpty can be put together again this side of the eschaton.



Alex Smith said…
Yes, it's sad it was so divisive. I hope future reformations are less so, but from experience it's very difficult to maintain unity when the other party thinks you're a heretic :-/
Anonymous said…
Schisms upon schisms upon schisms, but the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church still exists. (The Orthodox Church)

I personally found that a lot of time can be spent trying to recreate the early (true?) church before I realized that I was just seeking what was already there and yet didn't know existed. And then when I noticed it, I didn't understand it and it seemed pretty strange.

It possesses in essence the theology and practice that many of the seekers in the West whom question the Reformed or Roman tradition are looking to find. At least I have encountered it so. Consequently, I find it remarkable how close things come sometimes without this being noticed. For example, look at the recent works by NT Wright on Soteriology and compare this to what the Orthodox have been saying...

For certain, there are many things that make the Orthodox seem not easily accessible, but there is a lot of richness there and a pretty significant claim that they preserve the ageless teachings of the Church. Go and see.

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