Hell and the Image of God

God has made human beings in his image, as his icon in creation. For God to torment such divine representatives forever and ever in hell seems akin an act of perpetual divine indirect self-mutilation. Is that an unfair thought? It may well be unfair so please just say so if you think it is. It is just a rough thought.

I guess the more substantive issue underlying the thought concerns whether God would ever abandon his icons to everlasting damnation. It is very hard to imagine that God would desire to forever abandon creatures of that nature. So what would cause him to do so? Indeed, what would cause him to do so so quickly and easily (i.e., at death)? Would he not put up more of a fight before forsaking his images forever?

I do not believe that God would ever abandon such a creature. God did not create trash and he will not trash what he creates.


Marc said…
So, in relation to this, what do you make of C.S. Lewis' notion (which, I admit, I received through N.T. Wright) of people who turn their backs on God eventually losing the image and in effect no longer being human?
Robin Parry said…

I find it a deeply disturbing notion that creates as many problems as it seeks to solve.

There was quite a good critique of this aspect of Tom Wright's eschatology in a blog post a few years ago by Daniel Oudshoorn. I cannot recall the link but you could ask him for it (the blog is easy to find).

Robin Parry said…
p.s., I love Tom Wright's work (but I just don't agree with all of it)
James Goetz said…
Hi Robin,

This inspired me to think about Romans 11:29, which I think relates. God's gifts and call are irrevocable. Hmm, a lot of Christians believe that God revokes his call for people who die lost. In fact, many teach God irrevocably damns everybody who dies lost. But I do not see that in Romans 11:29.

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