A thought from Bonhoeffer

“There is no part of the world, no matter how lost, no matter how godless, that has not been accepted by God in Jesus Christ and reconciled to God. Whoever perceives the body of Jesus Christ in faith can no longer speak of the world as if it were lost, as if it were separated from God; they can no longer separate themselves in clerical pride from the world. The world belongs to Christ, and only in Christ is the world what it is ... Christ has died for the world, and Christ is Christ only in the midst of the world”
(Bonhoeffer, Ethics, 67)


Andrew said…
Good quote, Robin! Hmm, does this mean that Bonhoeffer may have been a universalist?
Robin Parry said…
I don't think so . . . Not sure. He may have been a hopeful universalist. The person to ask is Tom Greggs. He has developed a Bonhoeffer-inspired case for universalism (based on universal sinfulness)

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