Sarah Coakley on Evolution, Cooperation, and God

Sarah Coakley has just given the Gifford Lectures in Aberdeen. The theme was "Evolution, Cooperation, and God."

I have not yet read or watched the lectures but they look excellent!

You can read them or watch them on this link.

It seems to me that theologians are starting to move into much more constructive and interesting engagements with the sciences.

Past discussions often fell between:

(1) those theologians who were creationists and took a rejectionist approach to mainstream science, and

(2) theistic evolutionists who imagined that science was a philosophically neutral activity and that theologians simply accept whatever scientists say and fit God-talk around that. (Obviously that is a very simplistic summary.)

But there is a new generation of theologians who are happy to reject creationism and yet very happy to engage in critical interaction with the sciences.

Sarah Coakley is one of those theologians.


Anonymous said…
the noise is bad of the lecture, i stopped listening after 20 minutes.

* not too many crop circles this year in the UK
Anonymous said…
jflyhigh6 said…
ai'm a creationists there's no other way to interpret the Bible in this regard, it's impossible! there's some things which can't be interpreted in other way John 14:6, most obvious. Nobody can be a macro evolutionists and a universalists, it's not remotely logical, second, i'm not a universalists, i've read Robin and many other books on the subject

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