A New Blog: Running Heads

Right, I am here to announce the launch of a new blog called "Running Heads". You can find it here.

It is the blog for the editors at Wipf and Stock publishers.

There will be a new post most days (d.v.) by one of the five editors for Cascade and Pickwick books.

K. C. Hanson (the boss man who knows an awful lot about social science approaches to the Bible)

Charlie Collier (the peaceable political theology man)

Chris Spinks (the NT guy)

Rodney Clapp (the ecumenical theology and just about everything man)

Robin Parry (that's me and I guess I am interested in ... anything really)

The posts will be on all sorts of things:

good books

theological thoughts

political thoughts

dumb stuff

controversial stuff


stuff wot me done 'n' all

and so on

Check it out.


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