George Sarris on Perfect Being Theology

Here is a comment I just found on facebook from George Sarris. I like it. So here, with George's permission, it is:

One of the most common responses I receive from those who hear that I believe in Ultimate Restoration is, “I wish that were true, but . . ."

Although they would never admit it, what they are actually saying is, “Deep down inside, I wish God were different. I wish He were more loving or more powerful than He is, but . . ."

When I was in seminary, one of my professors shared Anselm’s definition for God. He defined God as “that Being than which nothing greater can be conceived.” The God I worship truly fits that definition. Deep down inside, I don’t wish He were different. I am very glad that I don’t have to add any “buts” when I tell others about who He is!


Juan C. Torres said…
This is so helpful!
Next time I hear this I will tell people what they are really saying without knowing.

Thank you, Dr. Parry
Juan C. Torres said…
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