Day Conference on Lament (London)

What a marvelous poster for what promises to be a really good conference.

Here is a little more information.

My Eyes Will Pour Down Tears:
Lamentations and Lament in a Climate of Praise

Friday, 21 September 2012
at Spurgeon’s College, London
10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Plenary Speakers
Ian Stackhouse will speak about going through the book of Lamentations with a local congregation
Robin Parry will speak on Lamentations as Christian Scripture

Hetty Lalleman on lament in the Bible
Rob May on using the book of Lamentations in church services
Robin Parry on Lamentations 1–2
Andrew Wheeler on the place of lament in the Sudanese civil war

Ian Stackhouse will close the conference with a service of Tenebrae.


Anonymous said…
We need a conference on evangelical universalism. All the speakers holding to inerrancy so we don't have a confusing fog. I am in North America so of course I would like to see it on this side of the Atlantic.

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