An Outstanding Book

I have just received a copy of Michael Reeves' new book The Good God: Enjoying Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Paternoster, 2012). It is a wonderful introduction to trinitarian theology for ordinary people. Here is what I wrote on the back cover:

"This amazing little book dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee. With lightness of touch, a great sense of humour, and real theological wisdom, Mike Reeves opens our eyes to the sheer wonder and beauty of the Holy Trinity! This book is OUTSTANDING!"

I was not lying. READ this book. Then get the people in your church to read it.

If you are in the USA it will be coming out with IVP under a different title.


I too have trouble imagining a world without God. Perhaps our cognitive faculties are such that a world in which existence is not ultimately of a personal nature is not intelligible.

On the other hand, from that limitation of our imagination it does not follow that there are no possible worlds without God. Nor does it follow that the real world in which we exist must be one based on God. It only follows that if the real world in which we exist is not based on God then it is inconceivable. But on naturalism it may well be the case that our cognitive faculties are intrinsically limited as far as understanding the nature of reality goes. The naturalist is not committed to the view that reality is ultimately conceivable or understandable or intelligible to us. It may well not be.
MAFDAV said…
An enjoyable and profound read! God is love because He has always been a Father and a Son. He forever exists in relationship. This is the characteristic which sets Him apart from all other conceptions of deity. He is Potentate and Judge, but before He was sovereign over creation He was Abba; He was beloved.

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