Baby Preacher

Man! Not my kind of church!


Anonymous said…
just wonder what that does to the psychology of a child ??????
Eddie Eddings said…
I feel a little guilty...but, I laughed so hard I spewed out Mountain Dew on my monitor...and I was drinking chocolate milk at the time.

btw, my word verification was "moses" kidding.
Anonymous said…
"Moses" ???

I would say that this must have been a sign!

Remember how Psalm 106:23 says that Moses "stood in the breach before the Lord"?

It's referring to Exodus 32 - 33 where Moses stands in the broken place between God and Man -- and refuses to accept God's threat to destroy the calf-worshipping Israelites -- and also refuses to be saved himself, without them being saved too.

And most surprising of all: God is not annoyed with Moses ("The Lord spoke with Moses face to face, as with a friend" Ex. 33:11). In fact God gives Moses what he wants.

Or to put it another way: Moses was doing and saying exactly what God wanted -- what God wants of all his servants -- working and praying for the salvation of all!

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