Rethinking Hell —for those who missed it

Those of you who missed the rethinking hell conference can catch up with different parts of it in different ways.

There is audio for ten of the breakout sessions on the Rethinking Hell website here.

Then there is video of some of the sessions on YouTube on the Rethinking Hell channel here.

The plenary sessions (Oliver Crisp, Chris Date, David Instone-Brewer, Robin Parry, Jim Spiegel, Jerry Walls) and key breakout sessions (Eric Reitan, Jordan Wessling, William Tanksley Jr./Chris Date, and Brad Jersak) are available on DVD only. The 4 DVDs cost $35 (inc. p&p) and can be bought here.

So there you have it. You can attend every sessions of the conference for a mere $35. Bargain buckets!


Tom Nicholson said…
Thanks, Robin, that's very helpful.
And is that Jerry Walls (Batman) with whom you are fraternizing ?!
Robin Parry said…
That's Jerry—Batman and Robin
Steve said…
I received this reply from Greg Stump....

Hi Steven,
There will be more videos posted (he means on YouTube) from various breakout sessions, but the main plenary sessions and the breakout papers recorded on video in the main meeting room will only be available on a DVD set we will be selling (see info below). As far as papers, you can contact those individually but we have asked them if we might be able to use some of them in a new journal of eschatology some folks associated with our organization are starting, so I'm not sure if they will prefer to wait to have their paper published or if they are willing to share now.

Thanks for your interest & please let us know if there are ways that we can be helpful to you in thinking through the issue of final judgment.

Greg Stump
Steward & Conference Lead, Rethinking Hell
Tom Nicholson said…
That's Jerry—Batman and Robin

Ha Ha! -- I never saw that coming!

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