Second Edition of "Worshipping Trinity"

Back in somewhen or other I wrote a book on how to make worship more overtly trinitarian. It is my most important book.

It is just about to come out in a shiny, new, second edition. This edition is fully updated and revised. It also contains some new material:

1. a new chapter on Lament and the Trinity
2. a new appendix on gender language and the Trinity ("Two Men and an It?")
3. a new appendix with some trinitarian family prayers for each day of the week

Here are some endorsements

“The book has become a classic—and rightly so. There is nothing else like it. It brings first-rate theology and astute practical wisdom to the very heart of the church’s life. And the second edition is even better than the first!”
—Jeremy Begbie
Thomas A. Langford Research Professor,
Duke Divinity School, North Carolina

“During the last generation or so theologians of all traditions have begun recognize anew that, since God is revealed to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, everything that we do and are as Christians needs to engage with God as Trinity. Sadly, that crucial insight has not found its way into the worshipping life of many Christian communities and this excellent book has already proved itself an invaluable resource for enabling it to do so. Robin Parry is a fine theologian who writes accessibly and engagingly. I hope that this second edition will be very widely read. It has the capacity to enable the renewal of the life and worship of the church.”
—John Inge
Bishop of Worcester, UK

Praise for the First Edition

"In these pages, Robin punches us in the stomach (theologically speaking), gives us a few moments to get our breath back, and then teaches us some nifty moves so that we can defend ourselves better in the future—and even throw a few theological punches of our own. Get your gloves on—this is an extremely helpful book."
—Matt Redman
Songwriter and lead worshipper

"In Worshipping Trinity, Robin Parry has given us a terrific resource
with which we can see a clearer picture of the God we worship—Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit. He humbly makes us aware of the blind spots of our
contemporary worship movement and encourages us to move forward as
authentic worshippers of the true God of the Bible so that, when we worshipfully
sing, we are what we have been created to be."
—Keith Getty
Hymn writer, co-writer of “In Christ Alone.”

“If you believe, as I do, that public worship is one of the most powerful means of spiritual formation in the world, and if you also believe that our deficient spiritual formation is due in part to the mediocre quality of too many contemporary worship songs, then you will celebrate the release of Worshipping Trinity. Robin Parry calls us higher up and further in through this well-written, clear, and important book. It will help inspire, I hope and pray, new intensity, intelligence, depth, and artistry among songwriters—which will bring blessing to worshipers and greater honor to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”
—Brian McLaren
Pastor and Author

“I doubt that there is any other factor which undermines the mission and worship of the church more tragically than the widespread failure to appreciate the trinitarian dynamic of worship that can be called ‘evangelical.’ It is only when we discover the trinitarian nature of God’s initiative and involvement in worship and mission that they become grace-centered and, as such, liberative, transformative, and evangelical in truth. In this book, Robin Parry succeeds in articulating the issues in a manner that is not merely theologically profound but lucid, accessible, and profoundly relevant. If this were read, pondered, and discussed by clergy, laypeople, and worship leaders alike, it could become a means of the liberation and renewal of the church.”
—Alan J. Torrance
Chair of Systematic Theology, St. Mary’s College,
University of St. Andrews, Scotland

“This is a most important book. The Trinity is not a theoretical doctrine—some form of theological algebra, but the life of God within which all Christians live. The doctrine of the Trinity provides the basic grammar for all Christian life and thought. Nowhere is this more true than in regard to worship—the first calling of the people of God. Robin Parry brings the two themes together in a way which can only enrich the church.”
—Graham Cray
Bishop of Maidstone, UK

“Here’s a book to make you stop and think. For me, Robin Parry’s chapters on the Trinity (even if they had not been in a book on worship) are well worth reading in their own right. He is extremely lucid in handling a difficult and mysterious subject. I found my own spirit was stirred by simply reading those excellent central chapters . . . This is a book well worth reading and one which I wholeheartedly recommend.”
—Terry Virgo
New Frontiers, UK

“This is an academic book wonderfully disguised in language most in our churches would understand. I cannot recommend this work highly enough. Pastors, worship leaders, and mature Christians must read this and practice the sort of trinitarian worship Parry recommends.”
—Myk Habets
Lecturer in Systematic Theology,
Carey Baptist College, New Zealand

“Bloody good!”
—Andrew G. Walker
Emeritus Professor of Theology, Culture, and Education,
King’s College, London


Mark said…
Hi robin. I really enjoyed the first edition of this book. I'm currently working on an essay on gender language and the Trinity for my MA, which has to be submitted in January. Is there any way I could catch sight of your appendix on this? Fascinated to see what you make of it! Thanks, mark.
Anonymous said…
How soon is this exciting occurrence going to come about?
Also will it be coming out on eBook (e.g. Kindle)?

I too am writing a paper on gender language & the Trinity in worship, for my MA. Any recommended sources would be most appreciated!
Robin Parry said…
Trinity Guys—please email me:

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