Lord Hinn of the Sith


Terry Wright said…
Oh, this is genius, Robin.
Anonymous said…
That's one of the funniest things I think I've ever seen.
James Goetz said…
I find it funny. But I believe Hinn genuinely ministers with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, regardless if he needs to tone things down.

I'm currently a partner/member of a Vineyard USA church that focuses on a low-key approach to worship and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, classical John Wimber style. Hinn is the complete opposite of low-key. On my part, I prefer moderate-key approach to worship and gifts of the Spirit, something between Wimber and Hinn.
Robin Parry said…
I much prefer Wimber to Hinn. Must be the ladi-back Californian style. I have a lot of time for John Wimber and Vineyard (though I have my criticisms too, as I am sure they do too)

I must confess to being a Hinn-sceptic. Perhaps I read the wrong stuff about him but I confess that I am suspicious.
James Goetz said…
I suppose personal experience could play into understanding Hinn. Christians who reject the charismatic movement would be most skeptical. Also, charismatic Christians who never experienced being slain in the Spirit might be skeptical. And yes, some who personally experienced and being slain in the Spirit and see it as biblically plausible might criticize the group aspect of it that sometimes occurs at Hinn's services or his high-key approach to the gifts of the Spirit.

I met numerous people who I believe have sound Christian discernment who described their blessings from going to a Hinn meeting. After that, I went to meeting, and I sensed that a mass "drunkenness of the Spirit" with some people falling down was a work of God's Spirit through Hinn's ministry. I experienced it for myself and sought God about it.

I see some actions and quotes from Hinn's ministry that disturb me, but I'm in no position to cast the first stone. I wish I had the time to research and write about this at length.
Anonymous said…
Never mind Benny Hinn.

See his wife's preaching on Google Video under "Holy Ghost Enema"

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