Good books what I read recently

a few books I think are well worth a read

1. Gordon McConville, God and Earthly Powers (T&T Clark). This is an excellent study of political theology in Genesis-2 Kings. Now in paperback.

2. Thomas F. Torrance, Atonement (Paternoster/IVP). A wonderfully rich biblical and theological account of the person and work of Christ from one of the most important recent theologians in the Reformed tradition.

3. William Doyle, A Very Short Introduction to the French Revolution (OUP). Wide ranging, informed by the best scholarship, but very short. Excellent stuff!

4. Stephen Donaldson, The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. A true fantasy classic. I'm on book 3 now so I have not finished but it is good so far.

And a fascinating article - nay, an article of some significance I think is

5. Mark Kinzer, "Finding our Way Through Nicaea: The Deity of Yeshua, Bilateral Ecclesiology, and Redemptive Encounter with the Living God" (forthcoming in the journal Kesher).

This is a Messianic Jewish look at Nicene theology and I think it is really excellent! Kinzer is one of a new generation of Messianic Jewish scholars and he is a theologian that I consider to be of considerable significance for both church and synagogue.


Grammar Police said…
"Good books WHAT I read recently" ...

I should imagine you mean ... (only kidding!)

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