T F Torrance Day Conference

I went to a great day conference on the work of Thomas F. Torrance at the University of St Andrews last Wednesday. It was the official UK launch of Torrance's last ever book - Atonement (Paternoster/IVP). The volume, together with its companion volume Incarnation (Paternoster/IVP) are the nearest thing we shall ever have to a pulling together of Torrance's dogmatic theology. And they are good! Reading them through I find myself resonating with so much of what he wrote! Truly he was a great theological mind shaped by Scripture and the rich Christian tradition.

At the conference the main speakers were Robert T Walker (T.F.'s nephew and the editor of the two volumes), Gary Deddo (senior editor at IVP and founding President of the Thomas Torrance Theological Fellowship), and Ivor Davidson (the new Professor of historical and systematic theology at St Andrews).

There is simply too much in Torrance to rave about so all I can suggest is that you read him. And the best place to start (in terms of readability as well as comprehensive coverage) is with the two books mentioned above.



I'm sure you are aware of this, but it should be made clear that Incarnation and Atonement are not the "last" books by TFT. They are lectures from the early Torrance, between 1952-78. If you mean that they are the last books to be published under his name, that probably isn't true either. There's still a lot of material from his personal archive (here at PTS) that could be edited and published. I suspect a book of letters or even some more lectures will be published in the near future.
Robin Parry said…

Thanks. Let me clarify what I mean by 'last book'. I do not mean 'last written' (for these are, as you say, the Edinburgh Lectures). Nor do I mean the last publication of TFT material. What I mean is the last book for which the material was composed as-a-whole. So it is a 'book' with a developing train of thought rather than a collection of papers.

Sorry - that's what I had in mind but I was a tad vague
I recently read 'Reality and Evangelical Theology.' I would like to read some more Torrance.

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