Doing Theology in a Fast-Changing World

If you were going to make a theological comment on this what would it be?


John Ottens said…
It makes me wonder how all of this cultural momentum squares with Christian eschatology. I mean, I suppose that's the obvious place to go with this, but I can't go much further than that. It just leaves me wondering.
Anonymous said…
in a cold climate, Jesus would also wear socks with his sandals :)
Edwardtbabinski said…
A couple of questions...

1) There appears to be so much information these days how does one concentrate on religious information? There's so much music, poetry, photography, art, videos, novels, history and science news, and a zillion other things, that entrance us as we cruise the world wide web, how can we get people back into the hypnotic framework of repeating specifically religious prayers, rituals, and traditions?

2) If they develop a computer with senses that is also programmed to learn and make decisions based on all it knows, how will that be different from the human brain-mind?

Will such a computer need to presented with "the Gospel" in order to ensure its "salvation?"

3) A similar question arises in the case of intelligent life forms from other worlds visiting our planet. Though the invention of a computer like the one above seems like it's already "in the works" so to speak, while we do not know when or if intelligent life will ever contact us.

4) Will civilization and/or humanity survive if we continue turning more and more of the planet's minerals, vegetables and animals into more and more humans (and the waste and pollution each human leaves behind)?

5) What if civilization and/or humanity is eclipsed by a planet-wide disaster such as an asteroid strike? It's not like major extinction events don't happen. Just look at the fossil record featuring seven or so major extinction events. Or look at the pock marks on the moon's surface from asteroid collisions, marks on the atmosphere-less moon being less easily erased than those on the earth's.

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