Dalek Caption Contest

A disturbing transmission has been intercepted from a deep space exploration mission at the outer rim of the Galaxy. Just prior to losing contact with the team one final image was sent. The sound signal was lost and NASA are looking for anyone who help out. Please add any suggestions you have about what this image represents or what was on the missing sound signal.


Rafael said…
"Newly discovered robotic menace grows facial hair!"
Anonymous said…
Thank God, Cromwell's back!
Anonymous said…
1. 'So team, we can dominate the world book markets by exterminating the competition', Robin Parry, speaking on a themed Paternoster training day/retreat.

2. 'No one would believe the things I had to do to pass my PhD viva', Robin Parry, viva preparation photo surfaces on the internet.

3. 'Do all bloggers wear these?', Robin Parry over heard in conversation with Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger.
The Pook said…
"All enemies of the Daleks must be humiliated! We will make them look like middle aged earthmen in extremely silly costumes!"
The human-Dalek hybrid experiment had not turned out quite the way that Dalek Sek had hoped
Anonymous said…
"Physically check the air conditioning vents from inside," they said. "There are vents all along the way where you can get fresh air," they said. "It's easy," they said.

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