Michelle Amirault, Rest in Peace

Michelle Amirault, age 69, passed through the veil July 31, 2018.
Michelle Amirault is survived by her husband Gary, her daughter Elena, her brothers Mark, Robert, and Fred Aaron and her step sister Beth Giove and step-brother Wayne Nieberg. Michelle’s parents were Albert Aaron and Marian Sirasky. Michelle graduated from Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, Md. Her fondest memory from that time was being the high school reporter for a local radio station, WEAM. Michelle was born in Baltimore, Maryland, graduated from the University of Maryland to become a teacher. She taught for one year after which she joined her husband in advertising sales. They would form a company called Photographic Display Systems in which she was Vice-President/treasurer. She kept the most immaculate accounting books imaginable.
In 1984, Michelle had an encounter of the God-kind, she was made aware by the Holy Spirit that Jesus/Yeshua was indeed the Messiah, the Savior of mankind. This made things quite difficult for her considering she was raised Jewish and her husband, Gary, was a devout atheist. Her Christian friends thought it would take decades, if ever, for her husband to come to Christ, but they were wrong. God IS mightier than any atheist – Gary was loved into the kingdom of Jesus on Valentine’s Day, 1985. It was an incredible encounter. A Damascus Road experience. 
Gary experienced the love of Christ in a dimension that exceeded the expectations of the various churches and Messianic Jewish Congregations they attended in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area of Maryland. He experienced a love that truly loved everyone without exception. But this kind of love did not fit into the traditional Churches that taught most of mankind would go to eternal damnation in a place called Hell. Because Hell seemed clearly taught in the Bible translations Michelle and Gary were using and because all the churches they had visited taught eternal damnation, Gary and Michelle began to zealously beg anyone and everyone to “get saved” from Hell.
After 5 years of evangelizing a “turn or burn” gospel (which is no gospel at all), Gary told God he could take another step in the direction he was going. He asked God to just take him out, take him home. On that very day, he was given a set of booklets entitled “Savior of the World Series” by J. Preston Eby. These booklets taught that Jesus was truly the Savior of the whole world, that no one was going to be burned alive; that no one was going to “eternal conscious torment.” The booklets revealed that the early believers in Christ taught universal salvation through Jesus Christ. It was not until several centuries after Jesus’ death that the teaching of Hell began to dominate the Church. The booklets taught that critical errors were introduced into our Bible translations. If what was in those booklets was true, that would explain why what was supposed to be “good news to all mankind” was such bad news that Gary couldn’t preach and teach it anymore. The traditional Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox “gospel” is not victorious, it makes Jesus look like a miserable failure.
After this, Gary spent countless hours studying church history, words studies, comparing Bible translations, etc. and came to the conclusion that Jesus truly planned from the foundation of the world to save all mankind. He will not fail in His mission. Michelle and Gary started a non-profit ministry named “Tentmaker Ministries” which ultimately would publish a magazine, produce cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, Bible Software, tracts, books and eventually create several internet sites dedicated to declaring what they would call “The Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.” These internet sites are: tentmaker.orglovewins.us, and what-the-hell-is-hell.com.
Michelle and Gary would reach millions of people around the world with these various means. While Michelle is known in the local communities of Hermann, Montgomery City, Jonesburg and New Haven as a substitute teacher who always hoped one of the students would ask a question about God so she could legally spend the rest of the class period sharing with the class how much Jesus loves them, few know that Michelle was the backbone and heart of a ministry that reached millions around the world. And her love reaches into the hearts and minds of millions even today and will continue to touch hearts for many years to come.
Michelle loved Bible studies, loved to worship – she loved Jesus – she loved to love people. She filled thousands of requests for various materials from Tentmaker Ministries, kept immaculate accounting books, worked outside part-time jobs like house cleaning to make ends meet. 
A woman called mother Teresa who became a saint in the Roman Catholic Church is said to have said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Michelle did many, many small things that most people who knew her never knew about. But they are great, great things in the heavens.
She loved much, always forgave everything, and was grateful for the smallest of things. Her smile radiated to everyone. She is missed by many.
She would like you to watch a video she made entitled:
“Messiah Revealed to Jewish Woman” at tentmaker.org
Memorials to Tentmaker Ministries via paypal.com which includes Mastercard and Visa. Email address: info@tentmaker.org
You may also support Tentmaker by making us via your Amazon purchases through their Smile program in which they will send a small percentage of your sales. Go to smile.amazon.com and type in Tentmaker Ministries & Publications Inc.
Remember: Love NEVER fails. (1 Cor. 13:8) Love ALWAYS win!


I'm sad to hear of Michelle's passing. Tentmaker Ministries made me a convinced Universalist in my late teens, and Gary and Michelle Amirault were personal heroes of mine. They helped me through many dark nights of the soul. She has done great work for the Lord and the Gospel. May she truly rest in peace and in the Loving arms of God, and you don't have to be a Universalist to believe she will.

Øystein Evensen
Anonymous said…
My deepest sympathies go out to Gary and his family for the passing of Michelle. I never had the privilege of meeting her, but I was able to spend some time with Gary at the Forgotten Gospel Conference a couple of years ago in Denver and he was constantly talking about her. It was impossible to not see how much he loved her. Many were touched by her witness of love and her legacy will live on. I look forward to meeting her when we all are united with our Lord.

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