He knows me better than I know myself: Smith on Parry

Alex Smith has kindly put together a page that lists all sorts of things I have written (with links) and talks I have done (with online videos and podcasts for your "delectation and delight"). So if you are at all interested in such things you can find it on Alex's "Reforming Hell" site right HERE


Christine H said…
Well, that has made my day! Thank you Alex Smith,
Stefan James Knibbe said…
This is fantastic! Just want to say, I've read The Evangelical Universality several times and I really really appreciate your work. Wonderful piece of scholarship and it really helped with a lot of things i'd been struggling with and reading about for years. Thank you so much!

PS: I've been considering going back to do my PhD in Theology but would only want to do it I could do a fairly NT focused research project on Universalism. Having a hard time finding a potential thesis advisory though. Any suggestions?

God bless!

Robin Parry said…

Thank you.

Which country are you thinking of doing a PhD in?

This comment has been removed by the author.
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