Thomas Talbott audiobook NOW AVAILABLE

The eagerly anticipated audiobook edition of Tom Talbott's book, The Inescapable Love of God (2nd ed.), is now available at It will soon be available through other outlets (e.g., Audible) too.

The regular price is $19.98, but Christian Audio members can get it for $7.49 (or for free if they sign up for a thirty day trial)

You can get it here.

George Sarris does a fantastic job reading this one—I have listened all the way through and just hearing it read so well helped me to see new things in the book I had missed on previous readings.


Micah said…
Enjoying listening to the book! Ran into an issue with most of Chapter 6 missing -- have an e-mail in to (haven't heard anything back yet); thought I'd mention in case it's not just an issue for me.

Excellent reading of the material though!
Micah said…
They corrected the issue with Chapter 6 today. :) Onward...

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