The Biblical Cosmos: endorsements

Here are the endorsements for the book

“In this masterful exposition of the sacramental worldview of the Old Testament, Robin Parry explains why the ‘flat earth’ of ancient Israel continues to be of significance for Christians today. If you’re wondering how, with a modern cosmology, we can still believe that Jesus ascended into heaven, this book is a must-read. And if you figure the Old Testament is simply incompatible with the Christian Platonism of the Christian tradition, you just may be startled by the insights of this book.”
Hans Boersma, J. I Packer Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver

“Delightful. Robin Parry takes the reader on a fascinating tour of biblical cosmology and theology. If you want to enter the minds of the biblical writers, this book will guide you with wit and sound learning.”
Gordon Wenham, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, University of Gloucestershire, and Tutor in Old Testament, Trinity College Bristol, UK

“Parry expertly guides us through the strange biblical world of a flat earth at center of the cosmos, dragon-infested cosmic waters, a dome overhead, and abode of the dead below. But more than that, Parry invites us to accept this strange biblical world as is and to inhabit it, rather than conforming it to ours. In doing so, Parry opens up fresh ways of envisioning not only the biblical world, but Jesus and our own Christian faith.”
Peter Enns, Professor of Biblical Studies, Eastern University, Pennsylvania

“One of the great challenges for reading the Bible today is how to make sense of a biblical view of the world in our modern scientific era. In this book Robin Parry deftly and thoughtfully lays out the key issues as well as suggesting various ways in which we might begin to respond to them. This book is a must read for anyone serious about reading and making sense of the Bible today.”
Paula Gooder, Theologian in Residence, Bible Society, UK

“Robin Parry gives us what is both a fascinating survey of the cosmos as seen in Holy Scripture and a helpful guide to how Christians can best understand that biblical cosmology today. Thorough, lively, and thought-provoking, I warmly recommend it.”
Michael Ward, author of Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of
C. S. Lewis

“This book is simply stellar! What a fabulously helpful way to introduce the significance of the OT cosmology for today!”
Pleiades, open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus

Leviathan, mythical chaos monster

“This book is smokin’ hot! I wish I’d read this it when I was alive!”
Saint Augustine, important bishop and theologian bloke

"I feel so honored to have been asked to paint a picture for the cover of this great little travel guide. And to have Leviathan himself agree to pose for it was literally awesome."
Vincent Van Goch, artist


Terry Wright said…
I dare say Leviathan captures things well with its insightful comment.
Eric McCarty said…
I, for one, hope that you have included halflings in this book. Or at least a troll or two. I believe they are mentioned in 2nd Hesitations.
Leviathan said…
Why do you refer to me as a *myth*? I find that condescending....
Robin Parry said…
Dear Leviathan

Please forgive my inept choice of words. I trust that you will not wreak a terrible vengeance upon me next time I go swimming ... please.

Robin Parry said…

well, funnily enough, hobbits do actually get a brief mention. No trolls though.

Anonymous said…
Does this "learned" author mention or refer to Consciousness with a capital C?
Or Light which is the Energy of Consciousness.
Or to Quantum Reality as signalled by the powerful archetypal equation E=MC2?

If not he is doing his readers a profound mis-service or helping to keep in place a now archaic essentially primitive bronze-age world view.
Robin Parry said…
Dear Anonymous,

Tom N. said…
Anonymous (above) seems to be the kind of person who will "waste no time in reading your book" !!
Micah said…
Ah, nice -- a Michael Ward endorsement. Was blown away by Planet Narnia. Looking forward to reading this one.
Robin Parry said…
Planet Narnia and the Narnia Code were legendary texts!
James said…
Hi Robin,

I'm very interested in this book - I went to Amazon to purchase the Kindle version and saw there was none. Are there plans to release this for Kindle?

James said…
Sorry Robin, never mind - I see your note on one of the other posts that a Kindle edition is coming soon - good to hear!

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