Free Randal Rauser book on heaven (today only)

Baker is running a promotion for the Kindle version of Randal Rauser's new book, What on Earth Do We Know About Heaven? 20 Questions and Answers about Life after Death.

It’s scheduled to be free at on June 5, and then $3.99 from June 6-12.

The promo is also running at and

Check out these blurbs on the book:

"Rauser's book is the most important work on heaven in the last two millennia."

-Paul the Apostle-

"I must admit, I used to think I had heaven figured out. But What on Earth Do We Know About Heaven? has completely revolutionized my view of heaven. I'm picking up a copy for all the archangels."

-Michael the Archangel-

You've got to love him! I wish I could get endorsements like that.

Here is the blurb from Amazon
There's been a curious upsurge in interest about the afterlife lately, but we're too often limited in our concept of heaven. The reality is we all do have questions about heaven: What does a resurrected person look like? What does a resurrected earth look like? Do we get our heart's desire in heaven? In What on Earth Do We Know about Heaven?, Randal Rauser considers twenty thought-provoking questions, each of which winds back to the core concept of heaven: what it is and what it isn't. Rauser uses Scripture to remind us that God's ultimate purpose is that the whole creation will be transformed and renewed, guiding readers through a vision of a glorious afterlife, consisting of a perfected earth, perfected bodies, perfected human culture, and perfected relationships.


Mike Watson said…
I got a free book! It looks interesting. I did chuckle at the endorsements, especially Michael's.

Thanks for mentioning the book and the offer.
Eric McCarty said…
Hey Robin,

It would be great if we could subscribe to your blog by email so we wouldn't miss free books like this one! Looks like it would be pretty easy to offer this widget to your blog.

Anonymous said…
Dr. Parry, I am currently an MA student under Bell at Nottingham and am hijacking this thread to make a request...there, it's out in the open now. Anyhow, my dissertation is over US and more specifically EU (however, although I am currently in the EU, I'm actually from the US, Texas to be more specific...see what I did there). To get right down to it, I am very interested in thoroughly investigating this topic (more for my own personal edification) and was curious if you would be willing to dialogue with me a bit throughout the process? I guess I will leave it at that for now and wait to hear from you.


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