Wisdom from Lucy Peppiatt

In our society we have a strange attitude to our children. On the one hand, we are terribly over-protective and risk averse when it comes to potential physical danger. On the other, we allow them to be exposed to terrible images through films and games and the like, which are shaping who they are in profound ways. I often feel we should exercise more control in the latter and less control in the former.
Lucy Peppiatt, The Disciple: On Becoming Truly Human. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, forthcoming

Good point. It is odd how over-protective we are in some areas and how laissez-faire in others. It says much about our own values.

(Lucy's book is an excellent trinitarian guide to discipleship. Practical theology at its accessible best. It is not about parenting but this little comment just struck a nerve and so I thought I'd share it.)


Alex Smith said…
Thanks for sharing, she makes a good point.
Anonymous said…
Fair point RBJ with computer games like Grand Theft Auto and increasingly violent and promiscuous DVDS and the internet pandora's box....we ought to be more vigilant. Food for thought for me certainly!

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