Hermeneutics cartoon


James Goetz said…
Hmm, I believe in the prophetic jackass; God impregnating Mary; Komodo dragons; suicidal, demon possessed, cliff jumping pigs; and some people are called to sell everything, while I do not believe in the talking snake and unicorns.
Anonymous said…
Trick question, right ???

The rich-young-ruler (composite, I know) is challenged to sell "everything" in Lk 18, AND YET the tax collector Zacchaeus in Lk 19 gets away with only "half" his goods given to the poor, and X4 any amount defrauded.

So what's going on here ???

ps - "blessings" at your ETS meetings.
Anonymous said…
Hey Robin. Any way you can give us an update on your panel discussion from last week?
MikeG said…
Now THAT'S funny! The cartoon certainly had me laughing!

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