"The Evangelical Universalist" on Kindle

The Evangelical Universalist is soon available in Kindle format on amazon.com. There were some problems with the version that went on sale for most of a day. Those have now been corrected. So soon the correct version will be live. Thanks for your patience.


Mark said…
Any news on it in the UK store?
Robin Parry said…
Electronic rights have been passed to SPCK so they should have a version of it in Kindle format relatively soon (it does not take long to do).
James Palmer said…
And here I just ordered the paper version 2 days ago from Amazon... might have to see if I can cancel that order now. Thanks for the heads up!
James Palmer said…

I bought the book and have started reading it. I think you might want to look into the footnotes and endnotes, as links seem to be either missing or linking to the wrong place. I have yet to find any footnote / endnote links that link to the right place.
James Palmer said…
No problem, Robin. I've sent James an email, so I'm sure we'll get it sorted out.

I've only got a chance to read a bit so far, but I'm really enjoying it! I'm really enjoying not only your arguments but also your honesty and humility that come through.

Alex Smith said…
Thanks Robin! I've downloaded it, as well as "Love Wins", good to be able to have them always handy :) Also very useful to be able to electronically search for words.

Do you think you'll put "All Shall Be Well" onto Kindle too?

We must encourage Talbott to put "The Inescapable Love of God" on there too...
Barry Huffman said…
Yesterday morning I followed the link to Amazon and sure enough "The Evangelical Universalist" was available. As I didn't have the time then, I bookmarked it and went back last night. The book was still there but unavailable to be downloaded. I just returned to amazon and you book doesn't even show up anymore in the kindle store.

Any ideas? BTY I am in Canada.

Robin Parry said…

Yes. There were problems with the footnote links in the file so they withdrew it immediately and are fixing the problem. It'll be back soon.

Anonymous said…

Pretty good video for your blog.
James Palmer said…
For those who may be interested in the footnote issue, I got the following response from the publisher:

Thanks for your email, and my apologies for the problems you are experiencing with the Kindle edition of The Evangelical Universalist. My colleague tells me that the problem is the Kindle's software's inability to link footnotes that are tied to pictures/images. Fortunately, he has found away around this by manually incorporating a caption below the image that includes the entire footnote being referenced. It will take several days to apply all of the captions, but I should have the updated file back on Amazon.com by early next week.
Robin Parry said…
Thanks anonymous but I already posted it a few days back.

Thanks James for the update.

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