Reconciliation in the Holy Land — conference in Coventry

Musalaha is an amazing organization based it the Holy Land. It works in the area of reconciliation between Jewish and Palestinian people (in the first instance, reconciliation between Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians). They have been at this for many years and have done wonderful work. I hold them in high esteem. Here is a flyer for a two day conference in Coventry for anyone in the UK interested in reconciliation in general or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular.


Alex Smith said…
Musalaha sounds awesome! Personally I think that's the best (possibly the only) way to go about bringing peace to that region.
Marion said…
By "palestinians" I assume you mean Arabs.
And are you unaware of the work of CMJ which has been working in Israel since 1849?
Robin Parry said…

Interesting comments. Two thoughts:

1. To my ears it sounds like "By 'Nigerian' I assume you mean African." Well yes but ... errr.
As Nigerians are a subset of Africans so Palestinians are a subset of Arabs. But you know this, right? I am assuming that your question is more politically loaded and I don;t think that that road leads anywhere helpful.

2. Why would the fact that I mention Musalaha lead you to think that I am unaware of the work of CMJ? I am confused. However, you will be pleased to know that I am familiar with the work of CMJ.

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