Robin interviewed on Trinitarian Worship

A few months back I was interviewed in St Andrews for three 28 min online videos. The first one, about trinitarian worship, is now online. If you wanted to watch it just click here.


Anonymous said…
Hello Rob.

Just received your book from one of my students. This is a crucial issues that I have been raising in the Introduction to Worship course I teach at Birmingham Christian College. Many of your comments are very similar to my own. Well done for bringing us back to the foundational issues of Christian worship.

Rev Dan Yarnell
Lecturer in Theology and Community
Birmingham Christian College
Crowther Hall
Selly Oak
Robin Parry said…
Thanks Rev Dan

That is very encouraging.


TN said…
nice to see this interview coming out of Scotland

interesting to hear the American way of pronouncing "Parry" !!
Ted said…
Great interview, Robin. Thanks for posting about the GCI interviews, they're fantatstic.
How come Evangelical Universalist wasn't mentioned in your intro?Interesting how some of the other people interviewed make a point of rejecting universalism, even though their theology seems to point in that direction? I don't quite understand how the idea of God electing everyone and reconciling us all before we've ever done anything can result in some people still rejecting it, as some of them seem to say.
ron said…
Hello, just watched your video and will order your book. I am going through many issues right now. Our old church used "professional worshipers" because as I was told we as believers didn't know how to.
I have yet to find a group of trinitarian believers where we live. May start a bible group and see what happens.
Do you have a list of trinitarian songs?
I just listened to Foundatins by Mark Roach and am surprised it slipped through. It talks of accepting salvation and then personally rebuilding the foundations of our life. The salvation by works is very strong in our music.
Thanks for the interview.

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