James Goetz said…
Must we chose between respect for the dead and respect for the law?:)
Anonymous said…
what's the story behind this, I wonder?!
Hearse Watch said…
Found it:

"AMAZED bystanders watched clampers tow away a hearse - unaware it was all part of a scene for a new TV comedy.

Onlookers went online to express their fury that the vehicle - complete with flowers spelling out Nan - was removed for parking on a yellow line outside a church in trendy Shoreditch, East London.
Brian Roberts said…
It was the filming for 'REV' (2nd or 3rd episode I think.)
Possibly the best portrayal of faith I have seen on the BBC for years - hope it comes back (after years of working in the SPCK, I'm sure I know that archdeacon)

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