Is God an Egotist?

"If, as a matter of fact, only divine holiness brings life and only divine glory brings joy to humankind, God's directing of human creatures to himself is no egoism. On the contrary, to conceal from human creatures knowledge of the true fount and glory of goodness would be to rob them of both the meaning and the joy of creaturely existence."

Stephen N. Williams. "Theology in the Book of Joshua." In J. Gordon McConville & Stephen N. Williams, Joshua. The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010, 140.


Anonymous said…
Robin, I am beginning a PhD, and I am seriously considering tackling the subject of Christian Universalism. Can you offer a book list?

Thanks, Darryl
Robin Parry said…

I suggest that you check out the bibliography at the back of "Universal Salvation: The Current Debate" (Paternoster/Eerdmans).

Then add to it
1. G. MacDonald, The Evangelical Universalist
2. G. MacDonald (ed.), "All Will Be Well" (forthcoming)
3. Jersak, "Her Gates Will Never be Shut"
4. The new book from Tom Gregg on universalism in Barth and Origen
5. Nik Ansell's forthcoming book on universalism in Moltmann.
Anonymous said…
No "Inescapable Love of God" by Talbott?
Robin Parry said…

Tom's book is included in the bibliography I mentioned at the back of "Universal Salvation? The Current Debate"

jflyhigh6 said…
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jflyhigh6 said…
On the article is God an egotist, very good article

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