a poem sent to me from a Paternoster author (kind of sweet)

A cheeky robin chirped goodbye

The others all looked sad.

The blue-tits hopped from branch to branch

The goldcrest sang like mad

The black bird did his spring-like best

Even the crows went ‘Cor!’

For no one wanted him to go

They sang of times of yore

They tried to argue with him then:

Debate went thrust and parry;

Even when losing they kept on

And begged him ‘Think and tarry’

Spring and summer then the Fall

He thought long and hard

Made his mind up wrote his e mail

Sent it to the bard

With changing metre, cried the bard

Looking for comfort looking hard,

“Night will pass surely, then comes the dawn;

Follow the Master on to the Morn

Spring and summer then the fall

Then the Dawn Chorus waits us all.”


Anonymous said…
So who is this author?

He's a wonderful poet
and maybe doesn't know it.

He needs to be published!

Seriously, it's very good.
Robin Parry said…
Glad you like it.

I probably ought not to say. He is a church leader. That is my one and only clue (and I will neither confirm nor deny any guesses).
Anonymous said…
Yea its good, and this time it really is John Piper!

Happy first day on the new Job.

Anonymous said…
re above.

he says:

Hi!Awesome post.thanks for sharing.

I bet he says that to every site he invades with his advertizing!

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