Who is the Most Sinful?

One of these men is the heretical author Gregory MacDonald and the other is his sinful publisher Jimmy Stock. You might think that there is a case of red-eye in this image but these horrible men actually look like that! It's not red-eye - it is evil-eye!
But who is the most wicked? The heretic or the one who facilitated the dissemination of his heresy? Hmmmmm. There's only one way to find out - "FIGHT!"


Anonymous said…
St. Gregory is the one on the right RIGHT?
Robin Parry said…

Tall(ish), dark(?), and handsome(???)
David Reimer said…
Hmmmm... "pins" "angels" "dancing" ...?

But seriously ... both of them can shoot light pellets out of their right ear, so I'm disinclined to tangle with either of 'em.

Robin Parry said…

Yes - our secret weapon is the deadly light pellet.

You wonder why so few people have criticized the book? Wonder no more! One well-aimed ear shot and they are out of the picture!
Anonymous said…
The author or the publisher?

both of them ... and everyone else too ...

" ... for (gar) everyone will be salted with fire."

And why has there been hardly any response of substance to the book (apart from the light pellets!)?

Please let us know if any response of substance appears.
TN said…
Dear Robin,

Nice to see you again!

I think it's a good question: why is there so little response to the book from those who say they disagree with its contents?

Especially, why did a few critize the book, saying it was for Biblical reasons, then only engage at the philosophical level?

Anonymous said…
both publisher and author need to shave

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