Bet you can't watch this without laughing!

This video clip is REALLY cute and funny. Watch it and do not laugh - bet you can't.


Anonymous said…
Bet I can't watch it FULL STOP!

I'm not a member of Facebook. AARRRGGGGHHHHH!

Any chance this video clip can be made available to the non-elect?!?
Robin Parry said…
Oh! I tried to find a youtube version but no luck. Sorry - if someone knows how to extract the video clip then let me know but I have no clue.
Anonymous said…
It's me (it's I?) again. Just to say I've made myself one of the elect (is that allowed, theologically?) and I've seen the lovely video.

Thank you for posting that. It reminded me (contra Dawkins et al.) that we are just a little bit more than animals!

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