Christian views with no foundation

Every now and then one comes across popular Christian views that lack both a biblical foundation and one marvels that they ever came to predominate (in some circles).

Here are two:

1. All sins are as bad as each other. I must confess that I find this view to be both uttely insane and also morally offensive.

2. You are an immortal spirit and God has to keep you around forever. The only question is whether that eternity will be in heaven or hell. Sorry but NO! I am firmly convinced that the Bible teaches that only God is immortal. Immortality is granted to humans as a divine gift but is not inherent in our nature. It is perfectly possible for a human to stop existing. If people do go to Hell forever it is not because God's hands are tied. It is because God keeps them in existence whilst they are in Hell (because, on the Anselmian view, justice requires it). But annihilation is possible.

So what are your pet hates amongst popular Christian views?


Noons said…
The popular (largely American) view that one can and should "read the Bible like its a newspaper written just for you"
Pneumatikos said…
that intense people are truely more spiritual/religious that the rest of us
Robin Parry said…
Noons and Penumatikos

Oh YES to both!

Here's another - "God only wants us to believe the simple gospel".

That is sometimes code for saying, 'Don't make me think about anything - thinking leads to unbelief or away from faithful Christian living. And anyway, I can't be bothered thinking.'

Not sure of the origins of this pop evangelical belief. It must be fairly recent. It is also ungood.
James Pate said…
"Christianity is not a religion. It's a relationship."

Okay, I don't disagree with that, but I get sick of hearing it OVER and OVER.

And another one that you've critiqued:

"God is loving, but he's also just..."
The axiomatic belief that Jesus is a one-by-one personal saviour which ignores Scripture's emphasis on His being the Saviour of Israel and the Nations. The personal saviour view abstracts Jesus from his identity as the Son of David, and thus the covenant bearer for Israel and the Nations, and abstracts people from their ethnic and covenantal identities.
Unknown said…
Just a few more weary days and then...I'll fly away.
The view that you can't do anything unless you are sure it is 'God's will for your life.'

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