Theological Reflections on Prostitution?

This is a call for theological help. There is a fair amount in the Bible about prostitution and, of course, prostitution is an ever-present issue in most societies so I am thinking that there must be some serious and helpful theological reflections out there on the issue. I have found articles by biblical scholars but have theologians got in on the act? Surely they must have but where?

Also - does anyone know any good historical studies on past Christian attitudes towards prostitution? I have good material on 19th C but not earlier.

I ask because I am writing something on the issue and I wish to move beyond biblical exegesis in my reflections.

I'm also interested in finding out about Christians who work with prostitutes.

But I have an end of Dec deadline so I need to be fast.


Anonymous said…
Have you check issues of Theology and Sexuality journal? I think SAGE publish it.

how about Sex These Days, edited by Davies and Loughlin or Sex, Gender and Christian Ethics by Lisa Cahill (you can search this via google books), or Theology and Sexuality edited by Hayes, Porter and Tombs
Robin Parry said…

I cannot find any articles on Prostitution in the back issues of "Theology and Sexuality" (which was a surprise) although no doubt many of the articles would have reflections of relevance. Not sure how sympathetic I'd be to all of it but it's certainly worth a read and a ponder.

I'll check out the other books. Thanks
David Reimer said…
Robin wrote: "I'm also interested in finding out about Christians who work with prostitutes."

Renew Foundation might go beyond your brief, but worth checking. A friend of mine is closely involved -- shoot me a note if you'd like email contact.

Do you know Sharon Moughtin-Mumby's Sexual and Marital metaphors in Hosea, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel (OUP, 2008)? It's already on Oxford Scholarship Online, if you have access to that.

Hope that helps.

David Reimer
David Reimer said…
P.S. Helmut Thielicke has a bit of comment on prostitution in The Ethics of Sex (cf. his remark on Sonia from The Brothers Karamazov, on p. 42 n. 11). Also, Lewis Smedes' book, Sex for Christians, has some running reflections on prostitution.

Mark said…
There is a project in Leeds called Joanna which works with vulnerable women, particularly those at risk or involved in prostitution.

Details are here:
Anonymous said…
Hi Robin,

My Aunt, Terry Barham, works with former prostitutes in Zambia.

You can reach her at thebarhams[at]gmail[dot]com

Mention my name.

Michael Bell
Robin Parry said…
Dear everyone so far,

This is all very helpful indeed and I will be following up on it.

Thanks so much

Anonymous said…
Rita Nakashima Brock and Susan Thistlethwaite have an excellent book on prostitution/theology, but I'm not in my office so I can't give you the title.

I worked with prostituted women and their children for 28 years through a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (the Mary Magdalene Project) in Southern California. I would be glad to answer questions.

(Rev.)Ann Hayman
Anonymous said…
Walsall street teams are a christian organisation working with women involved in prostitution. They have a website.
Robin Parry said…
Thanks Ann and Anonymous.

I did have a meal with Rita Nakashima Brock once (in that I sat next to her at SST and had an interesting chat - she would not remember me). I don't think that we were on the same page theologically but I will hunt that one down.
Robin Parry said…
The National Christian Alliance on Prostitution links various Christian organisations working with prostitutes. Their website is here
jim Gordon said…
Dr Marion Carson at International Christian College in Glasgow has done extensive research and pastoral reflection on the areas of prostitution and human trafficking. She is a highly respected NT scholar, pastoral theologian and a trained counsellor. I'de contact her and ask for some guidance about wider sources and contemporary issues.
Robin Parry said…

Thanks - yes, I had contacted Marion.


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